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TEEMSS 2 Units

StandardGrades 3-4Grades 5-6Grades 7-8
1. Sound
Explore sound and vibrations
sensors: microphone
6. Water and air temperature
Mix fluids and measure temperature changes
sensors: temperature
11. Air pressure
Explore soda bottles, balloons and lungs
sensors: gas pressure
Physical Science
2. Electricity
Explore light bulbs, batteries, and wires
sensors: voltage
7. Levers and machines
Learn about and design and test your own simple machines
sensors: force
12. Motion
Graph, describe, and duplicate motion
sensors: motion
Life Science
3. Sensing
Compare electronic and human sensing of your environment
sensors: temperature, light
8. Monitoring a living plant
Monitor a living plant in a plastic bag
sensors: relative humidity, light
13. Adaptation
Explore population, selection pressure, and adaptation
sensors: computer model
Earth and Space Science
4. Weather
Observe and measure weather-related changes
sensors: temperature, relative humidity
9. Seasons
Connect planetary motion to day/night cycles and seasons
sensors: light
14. Water Cycle
Study water phase changes and relate to terrestrial phenomena
sensors: relative humidity, temperature
Technology and Engineering
5. Design a playground
Study your playground and build models of several pieces of playground euipment
sensors: force, motion
10. Design a greenhouse
Build and monitor a working greenhouse model
sensors: temperature, light, relative humidity
15. Design a measurement
Choose something to measure and devise a way to do it
sensors: temperature, light, force, motion, air pressure

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